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News from V-Manager
    • Vinitsky Consulting, Inc., announces the release of the latest version of V-Manager software, V-Manager for the Cloud.
      March 19, 2012
    • V-Manager provides data management software for non-profit organizations, schools, and membership organizations, enabling them to streamline back-office operations while ensuring they maintain a professional, polished image.

      V-Manager for the Cloud uses new technology to make the same features and interface available to clients using the Cloud version of the software as well as upgrading and continuing to use the traditional LAN version, which VCI announced will now be labeled Version 5.

      VCI has provided award winning software to the non-profit community since 1985, notable V-Manager for Fundraising and V-Manager for Educational Institutions.

      V-Manager for Fundraising includes capabilities to manage a wide range of data, including Donor Information; Contributions and Pledges; Financial Data, Membership; Contact Management; Events, Annual Dinners, Raffles, Premium sales, auctions, Sponsorships, and more. V-Manager’s extensive data management is coupled with an extensive reporting system and highly trained Technical Support and Consulting departments.

      V-Manager for Schools builds on the fundraising system and adds a complete suite of data management abiltities for educational institutions ranging from elementary to post-secondary level. Modules include the ability to manage data for Students, Recruitment, Enrollment, Financial Aid, Educational Records, and more.

      V-Manager for the Cloud introduces a variety of new features and leverages cloud technology to allow access from browsers and mobile devices. Over 150 features have been added or updated, including a library management module, advanced credit card transaction capabilities, and enhanced email features.

      All current customers will be eligible for free or low cost upgrades based on their current maintenance contract service level.